Granny Annexe Extensions

For the past few years we have been providing a suitable solution to moving a relative back into the family home in the form of a Granny Annexe, to date we have built hundreds of annexes and had many happy customers.In some cases planning permission has prevented some builds going forward so we had a long think and created a solution to this problem.


With this building solution a Granny Annexe can be built as an extension under permitted development (in most cases) providing a new space for your family members. This space can be fitted with a bathroom and creates a new bedroom space allowing your family member to retain their independence. We can create different styles to match the existing house so there is never any worry about being in keeping with your property. 


Classic Style Annexe Extension

This annexe extension is 3.5m x 8.0m flat roof, this is the maximum size extension that can be built under permitted development for a detached house.


In Keeping Annexe Extension

This annexe extension is 3.0m x 6.0m with a pitched roof. This extension is the maximum size that can be built under permitted development for an attached property.